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This fourth season of the tournament PSL will have six franchises representing the cities. So can get all the matches by watching your favorite teams in the stadiums in Lahore, Karachi UAE. PSL Tickets 2019 can be purchased online from Q-Tickets for Dubai and Sharjah and if you want to buy PSL Tickets for Lahore and Karachi Matches then is best for you a remember one thing The 2019 PSL final tickets will be sold on Mid March 2019.

PSL Tickets 2019

Before you will buy any PSL tickets you must know about The fourth edition of the Pakistan Super League. It will continue to six teams face off in two rounds that make 30 games during this phase. The first leg of the tournament will be played in UAE but before the playoffs, it will have 4 tournaments including the final. Now the 26 matches will be played in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah. The remaining Matches will be playing in Lahore and Karachi. PSL Tickets Details about online Dubai and Pakistan leg tickets will be announced soon on our site while other box office ticket sales information for all five HBL PSL 2019 (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Lahore, and Karachi) Shared.

PSL Tickets 2019

PSL Tickets 2019

There are many different ways to buy your online PSL 2019 Tickets just look at these methods.

  • The easiest way to watch live PSL on Dubai to buy “global pass“ which allows the person to watch an unlimited number of matches in Dubai. This global pass costs almost around AED 289 for general seats, AED 502 for international people and the cost for the premium seat is AED 999. All these rates are may vary with time to time and maybe fluctuate on the matches date.
  • The alternative way to buy your tickets by visiting the Q-Tickets website and
  • Ticket for PSL 2019 Prices for individually priced between 20 AED and 125 AED for the matches held in Abu Dhabi, 20 AED and 100 AED for the matches that held in Sharjah. More information on how to buy all these PSL Tickets will be shared soon.
  • Now, look at the best option for buying PSL tickets go to some of the retail outlets mentioned below to get the PSL tickets for the matches. These are many different centers that offer PSL tickets in Dubai: Al Fardan Exchange, Sind Punjab Restaurant, Leopard Courier, Al Ghurair International Exchange, Karachi Darbar, Delhi Nihari, and Fili Cafe. PSL tickets will also be a sale at selected branches of TCS Express centers across the Lahore and other cities.


The good news is that in Pkaistan there will be total eigh matches tjhat will be played on Lahore and Karachi Threee matches will be play on Lahore Gaddafi Stadium while the remaing five matches will be played on Karachi Stadium.Also Check PSL 2019 Schedule

PSL Tickets Price 2019

Lahore Gaddafi Stadium Price PSL For the two playoff matches that will be played in Lahore. The HBL PSL 2019 tickets can be bought from Yayvo website or you can also buy by going physically to select TCS outlets centers. The Price for PSL tickets in between Rs. 1,000 for a General, Rs 6,000 for VIP enclosures. Tickets around Legends Pakistani Cricketers Waqar Younis, A.H. Kardar, Majid Khan, Wasim Akram, Fazal Mahmood, Imran Khan, Inzamamul Haq, Javed Miandad, Saeed Ahmed, Imtiaz Ahmed, Zaheer Abbas, Nazar Mohammad, Quaid, Abdul Qadir, Rajas, Hanif Mohammad, Sarfraz Nawaz, and Saeed Anwar are available.

The Tickets for Lahore matches will be given on the March so don’t worry if you still don’t get your PSL Tickets.

Karachi National Stadium PSL Price: The PSL final 2019 will be played on Karachi National Stadium on March 25 and Tickets can be purchased online by visiting Yayo or at selected TCS Express Centers. PSL 4 final ticket prices range from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 12,000. All the Tickets will be served on the basis f first come first get so don’t wait to go and book your ticket now. Now check the PSL Tickets Price Rates General Category Price: Rs. 1,000 , First Class Category : Rs. 4,000, Premium Category : Rs. 8,000, VIP Category : Rs. 12,000.

PSL Tickets Dubai price: The ticket prices for the first game that include the opening ceremony of PSL Match in Dubai, with prices varying for matches during the week and during that weekend.

The general Category ticket is worth AED 40, and it goes higher up to AED 295 for a Platinum ticket.

The Platinum tickets for the weekend doubleheaders are priced range at AED 290 but there is also an option for person eighter he watches the match using Platinum West or Platinum East tickets for AED 125.

PSL Tickets Sharjah price: The PSL 4 Tickets for Sharjah can also buy from online websites and also they available for different Rtailers centers with differnt rates. For single games of PSL that will be held during the weekday and the minimum price for a North category ticket is AED 20, while the East category ticket price is AED 40. You can also buy West Category tickets for AED 70 while the Members Enclosure will cost you around AED 150.

But if you are looking to purchase weekend tickets for single match then the price is slightly higher ranging AED 30 for the North Stand and for the Members is AED 180.

The minimum price for a North Weekend double-headers Stand ticket costs AED 40 while an East Stand Weekend double-headers ticket is priced at AED 60.

This year will be marked as a great year for the Pakistan cricket, as the country continued to build on the start of the Pakistan Super League after it was launched in 2016 to 2019.



Above we will give our best information about how to buy PSL Tickets online for 2019 matches and also we share some other website that gives PSL tickets at cheaThe other prices are AEDp prices but if you want to buy tickets physically you can also go outside of Statum before the month of match starting you will get your tickets but we suggest you buy online tickets. If you like ou post then make sure you share this article with your friends and family also comment below if you have any Queree we will help you definitely also check our site PSL 2019.

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